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                                                                   SAVITA CHARITABLE TRUST

Savita charitable trust is a Voluntary Organization established is the year 2002 with a vision to serve the people affected with the two killer viruses – HIV and Drugs. Our mission is to rehabilitate the substance abuses and HIV infected and affected people and to work towards creating a drug free and AIDS free environment. We motivated the affected people to take the appropriate treatment at the right time also try to reduce its spread by creating awareness in the community especially among the vulnerable groups. We also work to create a change in the attitude of the general public towards the people diseased to HIV/Drugs and their families.


Addiction is a killer disease carving the society on a large scale. People especially the youths who into addiction either due to ignorance or due to curiosity need help of support to overcome the dependency and free themselves. Wisdom hospital lends a helping hand to these people by providing the appropriate medical treatment, counseling and rehabilitation. We motive them to quit their habit and to become more responsible and committed individuals. Our team of professional experts specialized in various disciplines, guide the patients in their way towards recovery, we extend our services after the discharge of the patient from the hospital (After care services)


For further information’s regarding our service please log on to www.wisdomhospital.org


This unit of Savitha charitable trust started functioning to give appropriate medical care to individuals with various behavioral disorders. Professionals specialized in behavioral health care assess and assist the patients and their families deal with the disorder. The medical treatment under the direct observation of the psychiatrist along with the supportive therapy make a significant change in the lives of these individuals and their families.


No country is spared from HIV. Children are the most innocent victims of the deadly virus. Angels foundation established in the year 2005 in U.S. networks with people affected and infected with HIV –AIDS, especially the children. We try to help them in all possible ways to make this world a wonderful place for them to live.


Globe express is the logistics division operated from the U.S. it has full-fledged operation since the year 1991 and a major portion of the profit gained is used for social causes through Savitha charitable trust and Angels foundation


Savita Travels is also been operated from the US. One main idea behind starting this business is to generate income to facilitate the smooth functioning of Savitha Charitable Trust and Angels foundation. Profit made out off Savita travels will be used to help the poor and downtrodden who are affected with HIV or addicted to Drugs – towards the treatment and basic necessities, as well as to create public awareness regarding their to deadly diseases, especially among the vulnerable community.

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